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Floor Stripping Pads, Black, 17 inch, (case of 5)

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17 inch Black Stripping Pad. Heavy duty, long life stripping pad (175-300rpm)

There comes a point in the life of a floor when you can no longer dismiss the reality that it is time to strip the entire floor finish. Floor surfaces breakdown over time showing signs of worn traffic areas, flaking or chipping, shadowy areas from "shiny dirt, and stains. If you see any of these signs, it's time to strip and resurface your floor. The Continental Glit/Microtron 20011 17" black stripping floor pad will make quick work of the job!

Used in conjunction with a rotary floor machine that rotates the pad at 175 - 300 RPM, and a good stripping agent the old, worn floor surface is stripped clean in no time. Open web construction enables easier dirt pick-up and permits faster pad cleaning under running water. Both sides of the pad are usable with equal effectiveness.

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