Ansell AlphaTech Solvex 37-185 Unsupported Nitrile Gloves, Elbow Length, 22 mil, Green, Extra Large, Pair (37-185-10)

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AlphaTec Solvex 37-185 unsupported 18", 22mil gloves. Excellent chemical protection with a good level of grip, fit and comfort. Previously known as Solvex 37-185. Elbow-length chemical gloves, delivering durable hand and arm protection. Designed to deliver optimal results in wet or dry work environments where chemical resistance is crucial. The sandpatch finish gives the glove a smooth surface that decreases indirect costs thanks to fewer rejects of fragile parts. No inner cotton flocking, reducing risk of lint contamination and making it ideal for production areas sensitive to the introduction of external impurities. They comply with both EU and FDA regulations for food handling

Industries include food processing, metal fabrication, oil and gas, chemical, agriculture, automotive aftermarket, and utilities.

Applications: All food processing applications that have food contact, forging operations, general pumping work, handling incoming goods, filling, blending and charging of raw materials, opening and draining pumps valves or lines, loading and unloading of process equipment, transferring liquids and solids between vessels and tanks and process equipment, supervision of running operation, handling outgoing goods; cans, vessels, bulkpack and cartons, testing, opening furnaces draining pumps valves or lines and crackers BTX process, painting or cleaning tools or robots.


  • Fewer risks lower lint contamination risks due to no inner cotton flocking
  • Specialized protection shielding up to the elbow
  • Improved durability making them suitable for heavy-duty cleaning
  • Elevated comfort and dexterity
  • Food handling compliance


  • Size:  Extra Large
  • Colour:  Green
  • Thickness:  22 mil
  • Length:  18 inches (457 mm)
  • Hand Circumference:  10 inches (254 mm)
  • Material:  Nitrile
  • Construction:  Unsupported
  • Cuff Style:  Gauntlet
  • Grip Design:  Sandpatch
  • Chlorinated:  Yes
  • Latex Free:  Yes
  • Silicone Free:  Yes
  • Antistatic:  Yes
  • Packaging:  Sold in pairs
  • Product Code:  37-185-10
Package Size:
1 pair/pack


Glove Length:
18" (460 mm)
Glove Size:
Glove Thickness
22 mils (0.56 mm)
Glove Type:

Product Data Sheet (Alphatec_Solvex_37-185_PDS.pdf, 260 Kb) [Download]

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