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Fiberlock IAQ 6000 Mold Resistant Coating, White, 5 Gallon Pail, FLK8360 / 8360-5

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Fiberlock IAQ 6000 is a white, tintable mold resistant coating*, that contains a fungistatic agent to resist mold growth on the dry coating surface. IAQ 6000 is a durable, flexible, and permeable 100% acrylic water based coating. IAQ 6000 is recommended for use on wood, plaster, wallboard, sheetrock, concrete, masonry block, primed metal and galvanized metal. Fiberlock IAQ 6000 provides a clean white finish. 5 gallon pail. 


  • Tested by independent laboratories for mold resistance: ASTMG-21 and ASTM D-3273
  • Mold resistant*
  • Tintable formula
  • 100% acrylic

*Resistant to mold growth on the dry coating surface only


  • Coverage:  Smooth Surfaces 250 - 400 sq. ft. (23 - 37 sq. m) per gallon, Porous Surfaces 150 - 300 sq. ft. (14 - 28 sq. m) per gallon
  • Shelf Life:  36 Months Min. (Original Sealed Container)
  • Drying Times (@ 70 - 77°F , 50% R.H.):  To Touch - 1 hour, To Recoat - 4 hours
  • Minimum Application Temp:  50°F (10°C)
  • Flash Point:  Non-combustible 
  • Calculated VOC:  65 grams/liter
  • Viscosity at 70°F:  90-95 Kreb Units
  • Water Vapor Permeance:  3.7 perms
  • Package Size:  5 Gallon Pail
  • Ready to use:  Yes
  • Product Number:  FLK8360 / 8360-5

Product Application

IAQ 6000 is supplied ready to use, but can be thinned sparingly with water (up to 1/2 pint water per gallon) for proper application consistency if necessary. Apply IAQ 6000 generously and uniformly by brush, roller, or airless spray. Apply one coat of IAQ 6000 and ensure that the finished surface is properly sealed. To ensure that the finished surface is properly sealed, two-coats may be required on some porous surfaces.

Application Tools: Apply IAQ 6000 with brush, roller or airless spray equipment.

  • Brush: Synthetic, nylon or polyester bristle.  
  • Roller: Synthetic fiber 3/8” nap or longer Spray Settings
  • Pressure: 2000-3000 P.S.I.
  • Tips: .019 to .021 tips

Cleanup: Clean tools and drippings with warm soapy water before Fiberlock IAQ 6000 dries. Dispose of all waste according to all existing local, provincial and federal regulations.


Coverage Area:
150 - 400 sq. ft. per gallon
Package Size:
5 gallon
Ready To Use:
  • Yes

Product Data Sheet (IAQ_6000-8360-PDS.pdf, 553 Kb) [Download]

SDS (Safety Data Sheet) (8360_Fiberlock-IAQ-6000-White-SDS-9.28.20.pdf, 318 Kb) [Download]

Label (8360-5.pdf, 4,204 Kb) [Download]

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