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Prochem Yellow Rx Yellowing and Browning Treatment, 1 Gallon, B195 / 8.695-062.0 / 101272

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Prochem Yellow Rx. This specialty problem-solver removes browning resulting from the breakdown of cellulosic fibers such as cotton and jute. It removes the most challenging yellow and brown discolorations caused by chemical residues on nylon, olefin and many natural fibers.


  • Removes yellowing and browning on most carpets
  • Spotter for urine, tannin, coffee, tea, etc.
  • Safe for stain-resistant carpet


  • Coverage:  400 sq ft per RTU gallon. 1 gal makes up to 10 gal of ready to use solution
  • Form:  Liquid
  • Colour:  Colourless
  • Odour:  Slightly acidic
  • RTU pH:  2.0 to 2.5
  • Package Size:  1 Gallon (3.8 L)
  • Ready to use:  No
  • Dilution:  12 to 24 oz per gal of water
  • Dilution Ratio: 1:5 to 1:10
  • Product Number:  B195 / 8.695-062.0 / 101272

Product Application

For Carpets and Upholstery: Pre-test in an inconspicuous location, check for dye stability and fiber compatibility. Do not mix with cleaning detergents.

Spray on, allow 5-15 minutes dwell time (depending on severity of discoloration and product dilution). Avoid over-saturating upholstery fabrics. Rinse-extract with clear water or All Fiber Rinse. Use fan if needed to accelerate drying.

For Carpet Corrective Treatment: Dilute 24 ounces (3 cups) of Yellow Rx to make a gallon (1:5). For light yellowing or preventive application, dilute 12 ounces (1½ cups) Yellow Rx to make a gallon (1:10).

For Upholstery Corrective Treatment: Dilute 12 ounces (1½ cups) Yellow Rx to make a gallon (1:10).

Note: Severe discoloration or stains may require stronger mixtures or un-diluted product. Use with caution. Product must be stored at room temperature (59°F - 86°F/ 15°C - 30°C). Keep in sealed container when not in use. Product is not warranted if used for repack, improperly stored, or used in a manner not consistent with manufacturer’s instructions

Caution: Use product only in well-ventilated area. To avoid skin irritation or slip hazards, do not walk on wet carpets with bare feet.

Coverage Area:
400 sq ft / gal of RTU
12 to 24 oz / gal of water
Dilution Ratio:
1:5 to 1:10
Package Size:
1 Gallon
Ready To Use:
  • No

Product Spec Sheet (Yellow_Rx_SpecSheet-04-08-2021.pdf, 489 Kb) [Download]

SDS (Safety Data Sheet) English (Yellow_Rx_US_EN_Published_SDS_March_17_2020_B195.pdf, 285 Kb) [Download]

SDS (Safety Data Sheet) French (Yellow_Rx_CAN_FR_Published_SDS_March_17_2020_B195.pdf, 295 Kb) [Download]

Label (B195-4_8.692-395.0_E_YellowRx_web.pdf, 2,179 Kb) [Download]

Awesome product took the yellow out of my white nylon carpet.
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