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Prochem Ultrapac Renovate, Concentrated Cationic Hard Surface Cleaner, 3.8L Gallon, 101605 / 8.695-001.0 / A217

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Ultrapac Renovate. Powerful cleaner for heavy-duty fire and restoration cleaning. Formulated for the most difficult fire or water damage restoration jobs. Ultrapac Renovate is a highly concentrated extreme cleaner for heavy soils and charged particle soils such as soot contamination. Removes tough, deeply embedded greasy soils and smoke residues. This cationic cleaning agent can be used on most painted and unpainted surfaces, drywall, metals and other water-cleanable surfaces. Ultrapac Renovate contains no solvents that can damage sensitive surfaces and easily rinses without streaking.


  • Highly concentrated, powerful cleaner for fire and smoke restoration
  • Removes greasy soils and smoke residues
  • Penetrates and removes soils from smooth and porous surfaces
  • Rinses freely without streaks and blotches
  • Contains no caustic or solvents


  • Coverage:  Approximately 200–400 square feet per one RTU gallon. 1 gallon makes up to 129 ready-to-use gallons
  • Form:  Liquid
  • Colour:  Opaque yellow
  • Odour:  Citrus
  • RTU pH:  10.5 - 11.0
  • Flash point:  >201° F  (94° C)
  • Speficic gravity:  1.180
  • Package size:  3.8 L Gallons, 4 gal/case
  • Ready to use:  No
  • Dilution:  1 to 4 oz per gal
  • Product Number:  101605 / 8.695-001.0 / A217

Product Application

Pre-test: Pre-test in an inconspicuous location. Not recommended for use on stain resistant carpet, most fabrics, unsealed wood, aluminum, or other delicate or water-sensitive surfaces.

Hard surface cleaning. Mixing:

  • Normal soil: Mix 1 ounce per gallon of warm water (1:128).
  • Heavy soil, restoration cleaning: Mix up to 4 ounces per gallon of warm water (up to 1:32).

Cleaning: Spray or wipe onto surface, scrub if needed, rinse with clear water. Allow 2–5 minutes dwell time before rinsing for additional soil removal.

Pressure washing: Dilute 1:4, meter through pressure washer injection system.

Fire restoration carpet cleaning and filtration soil removal.

Note: Removes stain-resist coating from stain-resistant nylon carpets; use ONLY for disaster restoration carpet cleaning.

  • Pump sprayer: Mix 4 oz. per gallon. Chemspec Energizer can be added at 2 oz./gallon to help remove smoke and odor and brighten carpet.
  • Injection sprayer (high pressure 1:8 tip): Mix 1 quart into 4 quarts of water in 5-quart sprayer. Pre-spray on carpet, allow 5 - 15 minutes dwell time. Do not allow to dry. Rinse extract with clear water, Clean Green or other non-ionic detergent. Post-spray with All Fiber Rinse. Apply FourGuard Carpet Protector to restore stain-resistance after restoration cleaning.


Coverage Area:
200 - 400 sq ft / RTU gal
1 - 4 oz per gal
Dilution Ratio:
1:128, 1:32
Package Size:
3.8L Gal
Ready To Use:
  • No
Shipping Weight
8 lbs

Product Spec Sheet (101605_Ultrapac_Renovate_SpecSheet.pdf, 519 Kb) [Download]

SDS (Safety Data Sheet) English (101605_Ultrapac_Renovate_SDS.pdf, 1,460 Kb) [Download]

Label (101605_Ultrapac_Renovate_Label.pdf, 381 Kb) [Download]

User Guide (101605_UltrapacRenovate_UserGuide.pdf, 120 Kb) [Download]

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