Abus 70/45 Weatherproof Padlock, Solid Brass, Self-Locking, Marine Grade, 1 ¾” (AU-70-45C)

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Abus Padlock 70 made from brass is particularly suitable for use in extreme weather and environmental conditions. With our robust brass lock, you can secure your valuables with chains, on doors, gates, on cabinets, lockers, in tool boxes, sheds, and more, even under extreme weather conditions.

The 70 padlock consists of a solid brass body, which, thanks to a special protective cap and drainage channels, protects the lock from being penetrated by dirt and splashing water. The interior is made of corrosion-resistant materials. Shackle made from hardened steel with plastic sleeve. The steel shackle is fully encased in a tough, impact-resistant plastic, which protects adjacent surfaces.

Security for items/goods of medium value or where there is an average risk of theft.


  • Suitable for outdoor use
  • Solid lock body
  • Double bolted
  • Precision pin cylinder
  • Paracentric key profile for increased protection against manipulation
  • Inner components made from rust-free materials
  • Self-locking: lock without the key by pushing down the shackle


  • Colour:  Red
  • Depth:  1" (27.5 mm)
  • Height:  2.9" (74 mm)
  • Width:  1.9" (49 mm)
  • Horizontal clearance:  0.78" (20 mm)
  • Keyed alike:  No
  • Locking type:  Key
  • Security level:  5
  • Shackle Diameter:  0.31" (8 mm)
  • Vertical clearance:  0.94" (24 mm)
  • Weight:  180 grams
  • Product Number:  AU-70-45C

Data Sheet (AU-70-45C_Abus_Weatherproof_Lock_PDS.pdf, 84 Kb) [Download]

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