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Never cause damage again with nails, strapping or tape. Use the Side Pack instead. It has everything you need to seal both sides of your ZipWall® barrier.

$7.25 $5.95
Foot Plug for ZipWall 12 Pole

Zipwall Grip Disk, pack (2/pack)

$26.00 $23.00
Makes an easy doorway through plastic barriers!

$33.00 $24.90
QSR™ Zippers are used to quickly create re-sealable entryways in a poly sheet. Easy to apply and use, the zippers feature a durable adhesive that is exposed...

$28.00 $25.00
ZipWall T-Clip For FoamRail

$36.00 $31.00
Makes an easy doorway through plastic barriers. This is the only zipper on the market that comes with the exclusive ZipWall® Zipper Knife™ sheeting cutter.

$38.00 $33.00
Replacement Head Plate for Zipwall Poles

$39.00 $33.00
FEATURES: • Specially designed not to lift the grid at the edge of a drop-ceiling • Works with all ZipWall® dust barrier poles Ingenious design...

$60.00 $47.90
Kit includes everything needed to make a door on poly sheeting containment.  DOOR: Make a zipper door for dust thermal containment in minutes...

$70.00 $54.00
Safely cover a doorway with zippers already installed in under a minute. Multiple doors can save hours of time. Attaches to door frames with double-sided...

$85.00 $62.00
Keeps all your barrier products organized and easy to transport.