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Brass Upholstery Brush, Traditional Velvet Brush, AB02 / 58033 / A58033

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Upholstery Brush For Velvet. This brush, preferred by thousands of professionals, is used to finish and fluff fine velvets. Also great for pet hair removal. This traditional velvet brush is made with brass bristles set into a maple block. The handle design allows for "off-to-the-side" brushing action that provides quick and easy “fluffing” of velvets after cleaning.


  • Stands and separates velvet weaves
  • Prevent velvets from drying stiff
  • Fluff velvets after cleaning


  • Color:  Brass/Tan
  • Brand:  Magnolia Brush
  • Material:  Brass bristles and wood handle
  • Bristles:  1" long fine brass bristles
  • Handle:  5" long bristle area with 4.5" handle
  • Ideal use:  For velvet fabric
  • Product numbers:  AB02 / 58033 / A58033/ 4SB

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