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Prochem Power Burst, Ultra Concentrated Enzyme Pre-Spray, S789, 40 lb, 112256 / 8.695-172.0

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Prochem Power Burst. Ultra-concentrated for an economical dilution ratio and the best choice for salvage cleaning of heavily soiled synthetic restaurant carpets. Its advanced triple enzyme technology cuts through meat fats, vegetable oils, grease, grime and protein soils. Compared to the competition’s dilution ratio and pH, Power Burst beats them every time.


  • Super-concentrated high-powered formula
  • Enzyme power remains active at high temperature and pH
  • Alkaline builders and solvent booster to clean heavy grease and grime
  • Dissolves quickly and completely, compatible with truck mount temperatures


  • Coverage:  Up to 400 sq ft per diluted gal. 1 pail makes approximately 200 RTU gal
  • Form:  Powder
  • Colour:  White
  • Odour:  Herbal
  • RTU ph:  11.3 to 11.8
  • Package Size:  40 lb / 18.1 kg Jar
  • Ready to use:  No
  • Dilution:  Pump Sprayer - 4 oz per gal of water.  Injection Sprayer - 12 oz per 5 qts of water with 1:8 (yellow) metering tip
  • Product Number:  S789 / 112256 / 8.695-172.0

Product Application 

Pre-test carpet for colorfastness in an inconspicuous location. Not recommended for stain-resistant carpet.

Pump Sprayer: Mix 2 scoops per gallon of hot water. Mix until completely dissolved.
Injection Sprayer (high pressure 1:8 tip): Mix 6 scoops per 5 quarts of hot water. Mix or shake thoroughly until completely dissolved.

  1. Vacuum carpet to remove loose surface soil.
  2. Prespray Power Burst solution on carpet, allow 10 minutes dwell time for enzymes to act. Do not allow to dry. Agitate with carpet rake on stains and traffic lanes.
  3. Extract with Dry Slurry, Liquid Slurry or All Fiber Rinse, following label directions.
Coverage Area:
400 sq ft / gal of RTU
4 oz per gal
Package Size:
40 lb Pail
Ready To Use:
  • No
Shipping Weight
40 lbs

Product Spec Sheet (Power_Burst_SpecSheet-04-24-2021.pdf, 562 Kb) [Download]

SDS (Safety Data Sheet) English (Power_Burst_US_EN_Published_SDS_Dec_18_2018_S789.pdf, 290 Kb) [Download]

SDS (Safety Data Sheet) French (Power_Burst_CA_FR_Published_SDS_July_16_2019_S789.pdf, 1,283 Kb) [Download]

Label (S789-4_8.691-424.0_E_PowerBurst.pdf, 2,352 Kb) [Download]

User Guide (PC_PowerBurstS789UserGuide_RevA.pdf, 153 Kb) [Download]

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