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Carpet Rinse

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Esteam, pH: 2.2
Esteam Ultra Release is a rinse extraction concentrate that effectively dissolves soap and detergent residues left behind by alkaline emulsifiers and...

$35.00 $29.00
Groom, pH: 3.5
Extraction Emulsifier/Neutralizer

$56.00 $42.90
Prochem, pH: 5.8
Prochem All Fiber Deep Clean is an acidic extraction rinse powerful enough to be used for residential and commercial carpet cleaning and on many...

$65.00 $47.90
Prochem, pH: 4.5
Prochem All Fiber Rinse Powder is a unique powdered rinse that employs a unique formulation appropriate for use on practically any fiber type. It will...

$66.00 $49.50
Prochem, pH: 9.6
The Prochem Dry Slurry is an industry leader and cleaning benchmark for alkaline extraction rinses. It is powerful enough to be used for one-step or...